5 Mistakes New Project Managers At All Times Make (Part 2)

In this second part, we will talk about the last 3 common mistakes of new project managers that keep them from success.

3. The lack of clear targets

This problem never gets old since new project managers have poor planning resulting as well as a poorly identified objective. Maybe there is a shortage of in-depth understanding of the project, where they can relieve team members’ doubts. Moreover, a realistic schedule includes all work efforts, task dependencies, bottom-up estimates, and assigned leveled resources.

An effective plan should consist of both risk management and success measures. Hence, the project’s goals are ensured to be clear enough for your team to monitoring, control and comprehend.

4. The shortage of human resources’ skill

Without a complete knowledge of each member’s skills, even if you have enough human resources’ skill for the project’s progress, it will be blocked now or then. 

As a leader, you are in charge to know the profession, strengths, and even potentials in order to offer reasonable demands. In addition, it’s better to distribute tasks properly for particular groups, which doesn’t push your team to an overwork mode.

5. The insufficiency of leadership

Last but not least, leadership is a term that most people cannot tell apart from managing. Leadership is about changes, creating an individual vision and persuading the whole team to realize; while management keeps itself from changes and adapt mechanically to what is already set, which makes these two terms contradict each other.

As a project’s leader, you are required to have multi-skills. For instance, when people are aligned in the same direction, they will encounter numerous obstacles on the way. It is the leader's duty to inspire and motivate them to overcome these obstacles. Furthermore, an effective leader takes people from one place to the better one without putting them under pressure which reduces their energy for the project.

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