7 Tips To Run More Efficient Meetings (Part 1)

According to the salary.com’s survey in 2012, the no.1 time-waster at work was ineffective meetings. In this article, we’ll go to the root of this problem and learn how to run more efficient meetings with 7 tips below.

A proper meeting happens for purposes such as about resolution, brainstorming, any other activities where you need people’s approvals, creativity or their togetherness for moving forward on an issue. The important point is to think of a meeting in kind of these 3 stages:

  • Firstly, meeting preparation
  • Secondly, the actual meeting
  • Finally, the post-meeting

Now let’s learn some tips compiled from experts in project management. 


Based on the definition and the purposes of a meeting, update meetings seem to be unnecessary while probably being the number one time-consumer. There are different ways of updating information related to the project, such as social media, sending emails or by other online tools for teamwork. It’s not only convenient by wasting no time for just attending a meeting, but also an initial enhancement for your members.


The meeting agenda is both for you-the meeting holder to be purposeful, not to be overloaded with random ideas, and for your attendees to get to know background information and be more prepared. A productive agenda includes a point-form list of to-be-discussed topics with related materials that should be given to attendees at least one day before the zero hour. In other words, you have to make a meeting plan a few days until the meeting. 

For time-saving, you can find lots of available meeting agendas online. Thus, preparing an agenda gets easier when just filling in the blanks.


For different purposes of your meetings, you can prepare things depending on the agenda that you can bring along to the meeting room. A simple meeting kit can consist of some post-its, paper, stickers for voting, maybe some pens or even a stress ball to improve your speech without making annoying sounds.

Furthermore, having a meeting kit with you may inspire you to come up with new ideas or activities to attract your attendees, which can be the best way to collect various opinions you then find helpful. 

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