90% Of Project Success Depends On This Aspect (Part 1)

As project managers, we do hope that all of our projects will be a success. Most of us have learnt the latest tools, techniques and procedure to boost the performance of your project. But, why do projects still fail? 

According to Kippenberger (2000), the UK industrial society surveyed in the early 1990s to draw out the percentage of failed projects in the UK, US and in the field of IT. The figures are as follows.

More recently, Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been suggested as a unique area of individual differences that is likely to underpin project managers’ behaviors associated with the success of the projects. Project managers who master EI will set themselves apart from other project managers. This article discusses the definition of EI and its benefits in the context of project management and tips to increase EI in your project environment.


The definition of EI was termed by Daniel Goleman (1998) as “a capacity for recognizing our own and others’ feelings, for motivating ourselves, and for managing our emotions, both within ourselves and in our relationships.”

Today, it is essential for project managers to become more proficient at EQ competencies. According to the PMI Talent Triangle®, the competence of EI has been categorized to be a key tenet in the Leadership. 

Above is the Merino’s EI Framework for project managers which contains 5 components:
-  Self-awareness: the ability to recognize one’s feelings, the causes of these feelings, and the effects of these feelings on their performance.
-  Self-management: the ability to control one’s emotions in a stressful situation or when dealing with a hostile person.
-  Social awareness: the ability to recognize other people’s feelings, concerns and needs, to understand and respond to them.
-  Relationship management: the ability to maintain a relationship with other people.
-  Team leadership: the ability to influence a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.

(to be continued)

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