About Time For Your Certification Renewal? Here’s What PMI® Doesn’t Tell You.

Congratulations on your success in achieving the certification! Your hard work has been paid off. Once you earn your certification, your 3-year cycle has been activated. This requires you to renew your certification starting with earning enough required amount of PDUs. This article will walk you through the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program, which should be fully aware of for your ongoing professional development.


The Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program is to assist certification holders with their ongoing educational and professional development to satisfy the requirements of the ever-changing industry of business environment. To be more specific, the CCR program helps with:
- Strengthening education and development of certified practitioners
- Guiding the development areas to establish relevancy among certification holders
- Appreciating individualized learning opportunities
- Offering an environment of achieving and recording professional development activities
- Preserving the worldwide recognition and validity of PMI® credentials

PMI® certification holders must maintain their certification(s) through the CCR program and renewal of their certification(s) for a cycle of 3 years through participation in professional development and learning activities to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs).

The CCR gives you space to determine your own developmental path as it provides the general framework and guidance and you are in charge of customizing appropriate activities for your needs. 


To maintain your certification, you must earn PDUs through a variety of professional development activities in the following two categories.

  1. Education. Learning chances for your enhancement in technical, leadership, or strategic and business management skills
  2. Giving back to the Profession. Activities that allow you to share and apply your knowledge and skills to contribute and build the profession.

For PMP®, PgMP®, PfPM® and PMI-PBA®, you need a total of 60 PDUs over 3 years with a minimum of 35 PDUs in Education and a maximum of 25 PDUs in Giving Back. In the category of Education, you must have at least 8 PDUs in each aspect: Technical, Leadership and Strategic with the remaining PDUs across any area of the three aforementioned. 

For PMI-ACP®, PMI-RMP®, PMI-SP®, you need 30 PDUs in total with at least 18 PDUs in Education and a maximum of 12 PDUs in Giving Back. For each aspect of Education, you must earn a minimum of 4 PDUs and the remaining can fall into any area as mentioned earlier.

The Giving Back PDUs can be obtained by Volunteering, Creating Knowledge and Working as a Professional.


Be an enriching experience to enhance your professional development as it might, Giving Back to the Profession category is optional and the given requirements given in this section is the maximum number of PDUs that you can have. That means if you are a PMP®, you can obtain the 60 required PDUs for your PMP® renewal through the Education category. And now, it has never been easier for you to accumulate 60 PDUs within one course – 60 PDUs Bundle

All PMPs, PgMPs earn 62.25 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PMI-RMPs earn 30.75 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PMI-PBAs earn 30.5 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PMI-ACPs earn 19.5 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PMI-SPs earn 17.75 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PfMPs earn 16.5 PDUs after taking this bundle.

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