Don’t Know What Is The Best Leadership Style? Here Is A Complete Guide For You (Part 1)

Every project manager knows that no two projects teams are the same. Leadership style is not one-size-fits-all. A capable project manager knows when to use which leadership style to become a more effective project manager. This article addresses 6 types of leadership, their description and when (or even when not) to use each type. 


Leaders with visionary style concentrate on inspiring others and provide a direction for teams but give them space to choose which methods to use. This style promotes taking initiative when conquering issues or achieving goals. This is considered the most positive style to be used in communication with team members. A visionary leader shares their knowledge and experience, assist teams with a new direction and show empathy towards team members. However, it may not be effective when you are communicating with more experienced individuals. 


This leadership style is the best option when it comes to assisting individuals to connect their personal goals with that of the organizations. This is preferred by young adults because it gives them a strong sense of higher significance. With coaching, the cornerstone is encouragement when discussing about individual team members’ skills, their professional development, and aspects of their career. Coaching leadership style leads to a reinforcement of connection with individuals and an enhancement in levels of trust. Despite all the advantages of this style, the results take time to achieve and a lot of upfront contribution is needed if you choose to follow it.


Affiliative leaders place their top priority on their actions and communication. This requires active listening to other people and make decisions concerning their impacts on people. This is the type of leadership that intensifies team harmony and emotional connection through team activities that build the group as a whole. Moreover, encouragement, inclusion and conflict management are of paramount importance. Therefore, this style is best for relieving tension, resolving team conflicts and motivating teams. However, when it comes to complicated challenges, this might not be the best answer. Since this style promotes harmony, it can do harm to the organization’s productivity, such as: letting under-performers go unchecked. 

(to be continued)

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