Don’t Know What Is The Best Leadership Style? Here Is A Complete Guide For You (Part 2)


This leadership style focuses on collaboration, facilitation and decision-making. With this style, communication is about seeking the team’s ideas and opinions and active listening. It is best exploited when leaders weigh the pros and cons of any options, make decisions, and develop individuals based on input from experienced team members or stakeholders. Despite its encouragement on team input, it requires the leader to be knowledgeable about the aspect they are seeking input so that they can make wise decisions.


Performance is the main focus of leaders who follow this leadership style because their primary goal is to drive progress and meet objectives. This is a result-oriented leadership style, which can boost the performance of the team in the short term. However, employees may struggle to keep pace with the speed and demands placed on them. And leaders with this style are likely to be impatient and unsympathetic towards those who don’t live up to their expectations. Careful usage with appropriate tools is required to reduce stress on teams.


Using this style, leaders will demand action and leave little to no room for employees to raise their voices. This style will yield results in case of crisis where safety and security are at stake, such as military projects or when dealing with problematic employees. However, the environment with this leadership style lacks trust and healthy bonding between leaders and team members.

As mentioned earlier, there is no “one-size-fits-all” leadership style. Every different situation calls for different approaches regarding the needs and challenges at that moment. Sometimes, it is best to combine these aforementioned leadership styles to enhance the benefits and mitigate the downsides of each leadership style. It takes experience and practice to find the best leadership style for a particular situation.

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