Earn 60 PDUs Online to Renew Your PMP® Certificate Conveniently at Your Own Pace Anywhere, Anytime

Have you got an email from PMI® saying that it is only 30 days until the end of your three-year cycle and that you need to get the required PDUs before being suspended but you haven’t earned a single PDUs? This article will provide steps to get the required 60 PDUs at your own pace, so that you can cut out the stress of the certification renewal.

Stressful as it may seem, earning 60 PDUs can be done with a little focus. Just follow these steps and you will be good to go on your PMP® certification renewal.

Step 1: Log into your account and check your PDU Balance. This essential step helps you see how many PDUs you have earned so that you will know how many more PDUs should be accumulated. According to the CCR Handbook, your PDUs must be categorized into 3 dimensions: Technical, Leadership and Strategic. Therefore, you must take into consideration the number of PDUs you need to get for each category. 

Step 2: Make a PDU Earning Plan. Since time is running out, you must have an attainable plan to get enough the required PDUs. Based on your need, you should list out the number of PDUs to earn for each category and in total. Then, you estimate how many hours a day you can spend on earning PDUs. Now, you must arrange your daily schedule in a way that helps you earn enough the required PDUs. 

Step 3: Report easy PDUs first. The easiest way to earn PDUs that you can think of is “Work as a Practitioner”. For this category, you can claim up to 8 PDUs just for applying your knowledge into your certified role. Besides, it is recommended that you think more of your past activities, such as: reading books or articles, listening to podcast relevant to your field, attending professional meetings or meeting with your mentors, etc. All of these activities can be reported for PDUs.

Step 4: Register an online course. Though PDUs claimed from working as a practitioner, reading, blogging, meetings, etc. are free of charge and easy, they can only account for 1-2 or a maximum of 8 PDUs for each activity. In case it is close to the expiration date of your 3-year cycle, enrolling in an online course is the most efficient way at the time being. Many courses are audio or video-based training which you can learn at your own pace anytime and anywhere. After these courses, you can claim PDUs immediately without any hidden fees. This saves you time, energy and it is a lot more budget-friendly than other methods. There are many bundles for you to choose from based on your demands – 60 PDU Bundle, 50 PDU Bundle and 39 PDU Bundle.

IMT-PM provides 60 PDU Bundle will help you earn 60 PDUs to renew your PMP®/PgMP®/PMI-ACP®/PMI-RMP® certificate. The convenience of studying anywhere at any time, at your own pace is an advantage. As soon as you complete any single course, you can claim PDUs immediately. No extra charge. No test. No exam. Certificate available. We have everything you need in one package. Register now to receive a 70% discount.

All PMPs, PgMPs earn 62.25 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PMI-RMPs earn 30.75 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PMI-PBAs earn 30.5 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PMI-ACPs earn 19.5 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PMI-SPs earn 17.75 PDUs after taking this bundle.

All PfMPs earn 16.5 PDUs after taking this bundle.

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