Get Required For The PMP® Audit? Here Is How To Pass It Smoothly!

The PMP® audit process is often acknowledged as a stumbling block by those selected for it. However, following this guide will guarantee that the process will be at ease for you.

As PMI® officially stated, candidates for the PMP® audit process are randomly chosen, which means every PMP® aspirant stands an equal chance of being selected for an audit. Though it is not formally announced by PMI®, an estimate of around 5-25% of candidates from the US and 0.5% of those from other countries are requires for an audit. Only after the PMP® Certification fee is transferred will the candidate be informed whether they are selected for the audit. 


In the PMP® audit email, it is clearly instructed on the three required proofs/verifications with their photocopies being mailed back to PMI® in the US as an online submission is not available.

1. Academic education. A photocopy of your degree/sub-degree is required.

2. 35 contact hours of Project Management Education. For a PMP® exam prep course provided by a PMI® R.E.P., you only need to provide a photocopy of the certificate, whereas for any PMP® exam prep courses from providers other than PMI® R.E.P., in addition to a photocopy of the certificate, you are required to submit the course outline on the project management education.

3. Project Management Experience. 
-  In the myPMI section on the PMI® website, you can find the audit package prepared on your project experience as distinct individual PDF files.
-  Print out all the PDF files and prepare an envelope for each separate supervisor (different projects with the same supervisor can be grouped into the same envelope).
-  Send the form along with the envelope by mail or in person to your supervisors/managers for their signatures. The experience record(s) need to be verified, signed on, put into the envelope and sealed with one more signature.
-  Ask the supervisors/managers to pass the sealed envelopes back to you, not directly to PMI®.
-  As PMI® stated: “If one person is verifying multiple projects for the same company, they can fill out one form and initial or highlight on the Experience Record the projects that they are verifying”. That means if several experience record forms are signed by the same supervisor/manager, they need to sign and fill in the details on the first form only and write down his/her initials on the rest record forms.
-  Each PDF file has 3 pages with the 1st one for writing down the project details and the remaining pages containing the contact methods of PMI®.
-  Once all the documents are ready, put them into a large envelope and mail to PMI® at: PMI® Global Operations Center - 14 Campus BLVD., Newton Square, PA 19073-3299 USA
-  It may take 5-7 days upon the arrival of the audit package for PMI® to review and process your case. You will receive an acknowledge receipt email from PMI®.

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