How Much Time, Effort And Money Are Invested In The PMP® Certification?

It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and money to earn the PMP® Certification. Therefore, an estimate of the 3 given components is essential to start off your journey. This article will give you some hints on the necessary money, time and effort for the PMP® exam. 


The PMP® Exam is not a piece of cake and you will need to roll up your sleeves for it. The exact study time cannot be determined as it varies depending on your schedule and allocated time for the preparation process. According to a survey of 100 PMPs on the required length of study for the exam, PMP® certification candidates need a minimum of 180 hours of study. This can be taken as 3 hours of study on a daily basis over a period of 2 months. Hence, schedule yourself properly for a sufficient amount of preparation time.


Though the certification cost is not all that the amount of money invested in the exam, this can act as a baseline to calculate the financial investment to become a PMP®. 

  1. Becoming a PMI member (US$139)
  2. The PMP® Certification Exam Fee (US$405)
  3. 35 Hours Project Management Education (~US$200, varied upon courses). 
  4. PMP Exam Prep Study Guide (~US$100)

As can be seen from the given list, the minimum PMP® Certification cost will be around US$1000. In addition, you may wish to purchase PMP® practice exams (~US$100) or a face-to-face classroom course (~US$1000).


Keep yourself notified that passing the PMP® exam and earning the PMP® certification is not the end of the story. You are required to accumulate at least 60 PDUs in each 3-year re-certification cycle (1 PDU = 1 hour of project management education/ service). You need to collect, record and report the PDU you have obtained during the re-certification cycle. You can get free PDUs every 3 years as a member of PMI® (though there is a membership fee of US$129 x 3 = US$387 for every 3 years). Otherwise, you can get tailor-made courses based on your needs with the course fee being taken into consideration. You can earn 60 PDUs by enrolling in our 60 PDU Bundle.

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