How To Earn PDUs For Your PMP® Renewal? (Part 1)

In the previous post, we discussed why you need to get your PMP® certification renewal and the steps of the renewal process. We also know that to renew your certification, you need to earn 60 PDUs in the two categories: Education and Giving Back to the Profession. In this article, we will talk about how to earn PDUs in each category.

What are PDUs?

PDUs are one-hour blocks of time that you spend learning, teaching others, or volunteering. You can maintain your certification status with PMI® by accumulating these over a period of three years. The PMP® Certification requires you to earn 60 PDUs over a 3-year cycle. There are two types of PDUS for you to claim towards the renewal – Education and Giving Back to the Profession. You need to earn at least 35 PDUs under the category of “Education” while you cannot report more than 25 PDUs under the category of “Giving Back”.

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For every one hour of learning or Giving back, you earn 1 PDU. The PDUs need to be associated with the PMI Talent Triangle® which includes “Technical project management”, “Leadership”, and “Business/Strategic management”. 

How to earn Education PDUs?

For the “Education” category, you need to earn a minimum of 8 PDUs for each component of the Talent Triangle® of PMI®. The rest 11 PDUs can belong to any of the three components.

Course or Training: Instructor-led formal education courses or classes held in-person or online + Face-to-face, instructor-led courses from PMI Seminars World®
+ e-Learning On Demand courses
+ Academic education through programs accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center (GAC)
+ Training courses offered by a PMI Registered Education Provide (R.E.P)
+ Courses from other third-party providers
Organization Meetings: Meetings, activities and local events related to the profession. Often held at PMI chapters. + Typically limited to 1-2 PDUs
+ Educational sessions, keynote addresses at PMI events
Online or Digital Media: Self-paced learning conducted online or through varied forms of digital media. 

+ Recorded webinars, online training, videos, podcasts, recorded trainings
+ Recommended resource:

Reading: Self-directed reading relevant to the PMI® certification Books, articles, white papers, blogs
Informal Learning: Engaging in structures professional discussions with others

Discussions with experts, mentors within organization or other professional bodies


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