How To Fill The Online PMP® Application? (Part 2)

Filling Project Management Experience is no easy task. Therefore, here are some pieces of advice on how to go through this process in an easy way.

1. There should be a period of 3 years (for degree holders) and 5 years (for secondary degree holders) between the first date of the first project and the end date of the last project. 

2. It is preferable if you keep in touch with your previous project supervisors and notify them beforehand about the hours you will state for those projects. Contacting them in advance is highly advised in case you are selected for audit. You may fail this stage if your supervisors don’t approve the documented information and refuse to sign the experience verification forms.

3. You don’t need to list out all of your previous projects. You just need to add up to the required hours of project management experience, so include only enough number of projects to reach the minimum number of hours (e.g. 4,500 hours for degree holders, and 7,500 hours for secondary degree holders). The advice is to list from your largest project to save time during your application process and the audit also.

4. Prepare for the PMP® Audit

- Collect and keep all supporting documents for your education, project management education as well as work experience in folders (including certificates, emails, project plans, meeting minutes or project charters, etc.) Gather enough documents for each project submitted in your application.
- Contact and seek consent from your supervisor/manager on the number of hours reported for each project in order to avoid disagreements during the audit process.

Following these steps during the application to save you from nuisance if you are randomly selected for the audit process.

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