How To Fill The Online PMP® Application? (Part 3)

When giving details for each project, keep in mind these following notes for a better application:

- State the title of each project (usually the project title)

- State your project role (not your job title) – you can refer one of these PMI® terms: project leader, project manager, project coordinator, …

- Add your supervisors’ names and contact methods (the name of someone who works closely with you and you have asked for permission)

- Calculate the time (in number of hours) spent on each project management process groups: initiating, planning, executing, controlling & monitoring, and closing the project

- Only 40 hours for each workweek is recommended by PMI®. Therefore, don’t fill in more than 40 hours each workweek.

- Estimate your project hours offline (e.g using Excel or manually) first and insert in the form after it has been finalized. Though PMI® doesn’t state it clearly, to change and save repeatedly on the server may lead to an audit.

- Write your project description of the project (about 500 characters), including a brief and concise description of the project, objectives, key deliverables, project outcome, and your personal roles. Try to use major terms found in the PMBOK® Guide such as: project charter, sponsor, scope, … at least 5 times in your description.

After you have submitted the application, you need to wait about 5 days for the “Application Completeness Review”. Should your application form be qualified, an approval email will be sent to you with guidance on paying the certification fee. In case your mother tongue is not English, you can choose the language aid available. You can specify the language during your payment confirmation. The language aid is provided free of charge. With a language aid, the translated question in the chosen language will be shown on the same page as the original English question. This feature will come in handy when you are dealing with lengthy questions.

These following language aids are currently provided by PMI®:
- Chinese (Traditional)
- Chinese (Simplified)
- Arabic
- Japanese
- French
- Korean
- German
- Portuguese (Brazilian)
- Hebrew

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