How To Get The Required 35 Hours Of PMP® Training In An Affordable And Effortless Way? (Part 1)

The PMP® Training required for PMP® Certification is regarded as "35 Contact Hours of Project Management Education" in the PMP® handbook by PMI®. Because PMI® does not require the PMP® Training to be a face-to-face interaction, the project management education can be taken in any form as long as there is some form of assessment at the end of the course. This article introduces some major types and benefits of different forms of PMP® Training to earn 35 contact hours.

There are 3 different types of PMP® Training:
- Classroom Face-to-face Training
- Online Training (2 types)
          • Online Course
          • Downloadable Podcast Training

Regardless of the type of training you wish to follow, it is advisable to look for courses offered by PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P)® because those providers have been approved by PMI®. 

The advantages and disadvantages of each type are listed as follows.


+ Advantages

  1. More individually focused. The instructor can address all the questions from each student.
  2. High chances to find a study partner. One may find a study partner to co-study for the PMP® success.
  3. The higher intensity in a short period of time. Some direct training is organized as a boot camp for about 3-4 days in a row with the actual PMP® exam day afterward. This kind of organization helps students to focus fully on the exam within a short time.

+ Drawbacks

  1. High expenses. These face-to-face courses are often priced at least US$1000. This does not include commute expenses in case you need to travel to the training venue.
  2. Long-distance travel. If the venue of the course is far from your area, you need to commute a long way to the classroom.
  3. Constrained time commitment. Busy professionals sometimes cannot afford several days off to attend the training.

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