How To Pass The PMP® Exam On The First Try (Part 1)

There’s no best way or the only way to help you conquer the PMP® exam. This article suggests some methods proved to be effective that you can take in and apply for yourself.

1. Find your purpose

PMP® exam may not only be a way to level up your mindset but also prove how serious you are to enhance your business acumen, strategy and organizational skills. This can be a step further in distinguishing yourself from other people in your field. The exam is not just about self-improvement, but it also helps you get out of your comfort zone to do something seemingly impossible.

2. Have serious commitment

Preparing for the exam may undergo a few phases of “seriousness” to get to the stage where you are all in for the exam. If you find it hard to get yourself to study, financial commitment may help out a little bit. A waste of such a big sum of money is not ideal, so you can submit $500 to seize a turninng point in your seriousness as there is no way back now. It is recommended that you spend at least 3 months of continuos study for the PMP® exam.

3. Study first. Studying for the PMP® exam should be a priority. You should plan it out and stick to the plan. Consistency is the key. You may have to deal with your work, personal life and anything that gets in your way. But, go find yourself a time in the day to sit down and study. That being said, you should study whenever possible, during lunch or after work.

4. Focus on key materials. There are some books proven to be all that you need for the exam.

• My primary study tool: Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep Book (currently in its 9th edition) Price: $84
• Project Management Body of Work (currently in its 6th edition) Price: $60
• Rita Mulcahy’s Hot Topic Flashcards (currently in its 9th edition) Price: $35
• A PMP exam prep course to fulfill the required 35 contact hours 

5. Don’t only memorize, study to understand. The learning material seems tedious and dry. However, there’s no shortcut to it. To grasp all the processes and knowledge areas, it requires focused study to genuinely grasp everything you are learning. You can try to study quickly to memorize equations and formulas but read everything else to understand all in the chapter. 

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