Last minute before your PMP® exam? Here are some survival tips (Part 1)

After going through the 35 contact hours of the PMP® exam prep courses and completing hundreds of mock exams, are you looking for some Last Minute Tips to be thoroughly well prepared for taking the exam? The answer is mental preparation. This article addresses some pieces of advice on mental preparation to boost your performance on the test. 

Tip 1: No Brain Dumps are allowed NOW

Maybe you have been advised to do Brain Dumps during the tutorial time before the beginning of the exam so that you could refer to it while taking the exam. However, this technique has been banned by various exam centers around the world to ensure fairness. You can do Brain Dump only after the exam has begun. In that case, you need to practice this technique in every practice test to gain better time management for 200 questions in 4 hours with 10 minutes for the Brain Dump.

Tip 2: The Washroom/Toilet might be very far from your exam room

The location of the washroom can be quite far away from your exam room, which may take about 5 minutes to walk to and back the washroom. Also, every time you take a break from your exam, you have to wait for the staff to do all the administrative procedures and security check when you’re back. You are advised to plan the duration of your breaks somewhere between 10-15 minutes. It is well-advised to find the way to the washroom before the exam begins to save time during breaks as the exam period will not be paused during your breaks.

Tip 3: Security Checks

The security check procedure happens whenever you enter the exam room, at the start of the exam and after every break. This includes rolling up the sleeves, showing all the pockets in front of the invigilator and a recording camera, and being scanned with a metal detecting wand. The procedure may take 5-10 minutes. Therefore, you should arrive at least 30 minutes earlier. If you are pregnant, you should inform the invigilator and request not to be scanned with the metal detecting wand to avoid radiation doing harm to your baby.

(to be continued)

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