Let’s Get Your PMI-ACP® Renewed Before It’s Too Late!

As a PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Certifications holder, it’s never unnecessary to know more about how to get your certification renewal every 3 years. In this article, let’s get to know the answers of important following questions for renewing PMI-ACP® Certification.

Why choosing to renew your PMI-ACP®?

When being a project manager, you need the combination of experience, knowledge, and skills of agile techniques in order to keep your business in a smooth flow and PMI-ACP® is that helpful to support your work. For those who are already owning the PMI-ACP® Certification, it’s urgent to keep it active by renewing it for your aim of career promotion or Agile project management career of advancement.

How to earn PDUs for your PMI-ACP® certificate renewal?

Unlike renewing one’s PMP® certificate with at most 60 PDUs, PMI-ACP® renewal is way easier with only 30 PDUs. PDUs for achieving this renewal are divided into 2 categories: Education PDU and Giving Back PDU.

Education PDU: a minimum of 18 PDUs. In the PMI Talent Triangle®, candidates have to earn at least 4 PDUs for each arm of the triangle: Technical Project Management, Leadership, Strategic and Business Management. The remaining 6 PDUs can be earned through each arm. Every option below will exchange a spending hour of yours to 1 PDU.

  • Course and Training
  • PMI® instructor-led courses, seminars, and webinars
  • On-demand E-learning Courses
  • Organization Meetings
  • Reading
  • Learning

Giving Back PDU: a maximum of 12 PDUs. This is the very practical kind of PMI-ACP® PDU you can gain to develop your competencies as well as your whole team with real-life experience.

  • Working as a professional or practitioner: You will need no more than 4 PDUs of this option, which equals 4 hours of being in such a position. In addition, PMI® allows you only once reporting in the 3-year cycle.
  • Creating Content
  • Giving A Presentation
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Volunteering

3 Steps to renew your PMI-ACP®

  1. Earning 30 PDUs (at least 18 Education PDUs, at most 12 Giving Back PDUs) as we’ve already mentioned.
  2. Reporting PDUs: Enter your PDUs into the PMI® Online Continuing Certification Requirements – CCR – system. Remember to be careful before reporting your PDU because you are allowed to report once.
  3. Paying Fee: You can pay the renewal fee and complete the renewal process at any point in your cycle completing your PMI-ACP® PDU requirements. At the same time, you have to process your renewal payment within 90 days after your extension end date. Once you renew your certification, we strongly encourage you to take a break from earning PDUs for the next 3-year cycle.

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