PMP® Post Examination

One of the first questions that arise once you have finished your PMP® exam and passed it with flying colors is what to do after completing the certification.

Achieving a PMP® certification is a way to show that you are now part of the growing world of effective project managers, however, having finished it does not mean that you have reached the pursuit of excellence. Also, to renew your PMP® certificate, after getting the PMP® certification you need to maintain PDUs. PDUs, which stands for Professional Development Units, are the credentials that you need to earn to keep your certification renewed. After all, being a PMP® certification holder is the first stepping stone for what makes you an expert in managing the projects. Your job after that is to earn 60 PDUs to maintain the credential of your PM in the period of three-years cycle. 

Having finished earning 60 PDUs you can opt for the Project Management Professional Course by applying with your 60 earned PDU credits. In case you are interested in supervising the management of your schedules in your company's project, you can choose Scheduling Professional Course or PMI-SP®, in which you need to earn 30 PDUs. 

Taking the Risk Management Professional Course could help making use of the Risk Management module, hence providing further insight into the tackling methods for different issues in case of any emergencies . Earning an additional amount of 30 PDUs is a must in taking the PMI-RMP® course, not to mention the original 60 PDU earned for PMP®.

If you wish to add no more PDU, then you can go for the Certificate Associate Project Manager, as for this, you just need to maintain your 60 PDUs. However, do note down that you need to take the CAPM examination every five years to renew the certification.

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