PMP® Renewal To A Good Standing Of Your Certification (Part 2)

Continued from the previous part, this article digs deeper into how to earn Education and Giving Back PDUs for your PMP® extension.

EDUCATION PDUs (Minimum 35 PDUs)

Education is official knowledge in various perspectives of project management every certification holder longs to possess.

At least 35 Education PDUs can be recorded through the following sources: 

  • Courses or Training
  • Organization Meetings
  • Online or Digital Media 
  • Reading and Informal Learning

Besides, just by theoretical education, you can earn up to 60 PDUs in total if you are willing to since 35 PDU is the least. Furthermore, these education PDUs must consist of at least 8 PDUs in each arm of the PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management, Leadership, Strategic and Business Management. Once you’ve gained 24 PDUs of the three arms, the remaining 11 is up to your choice of need-improving skill.

GIVING BACK PDUs (Maximum 25 PDUs)

Giving Back is about nothing but developing yourself at your own pace. 

At most 25 Giving Back PDUs can be earned from the following sources: 

  • Working as a Practitioner in your certificate role
  • Creating Content like giving webinars, making videos, writing blogs in the digital universe
  • Giving a Presentation
  • Sharing Knowledge like mentoring and teaching
  • Volunteering in many organizations to gain credit and skills

For every hour you spend on each category, you claim 1 PDU.
Giving Back is easy for those who are hard-working and eager to cherish every minute of being a PMP® certificate owner not only in the 3-year cycle but also for the rest of your career.


1. Earn 60 PDUs at least in each 3 years
2. Enter your achieved PDUs in the online CCR system (CCRS)
3. Pay your renewal fee
4. Take a break before the next recertification


Your certification renewal is valid within 3 years from its expiration date, even when you submit payment before.
For example, your certification renewal date is 22 October 2019. You renew on 22 September 2019. Your certification renewal date will be 22 October 2022 (3 years from the original renewal date).

In conclusion, once you’ve had your certification, its renewal doesn’t take much effort if you get organized and keep your business on track.

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