Prepare To Renew Your PMP® Certificate

Your PMP® certificate is valid within 3 years, after that, it must be renewed. Unless you want to re-sit for the PMP® certification exam another time, start earning more PUDs at the moment and don’t wait until it expired. This article will provide you with enough information on all the requirements before earning and submitting PDUs. 


In order to renew one’s PMP® certificate, he/she must earn at least 35 Education PDUs, which could be recorded through courses or training; organization meetings; following online or digital media; extensive reading and informal learning. Education PDUs, however, must include at least 8 PDUs from 3 different categories of the PMI Talent Triangle®. These categories are Strategic, Technical and Leadership. After that, the remaining 11 can be from any categories of the PMI Talent Triangle®. Also, remember that 35 is the minimum number, which means you can complete your 60 PDUs to renew PMP® certificate by earning a total of 60 Education PDUs. 

For Giving back, a certificate holder can submit a maximum 25 PDUs in this category. Some sources for earning giving back PDUs could be working as a practitioner, creating content, giving presentations, knowledge sharing like writing blogs, and volunteering in your local area. The “work as practitioner” covers 9 PDUs, they are all the project management activities you will be doing in your job that is submitted. Other alternative ways of earning PDUs from this category all require you to perform extra effort compared to earning education PDUs.

Usually, Education PDUs are encouraged to earned since giving back PDUs requires the certificate holder’s lots of effort since he/she has to prepare contents, presentation, volunteering, ……, while in Education PDUs, you only have to attend courses or meeting, which could help to save a huge amount of time and effort. 

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