Stages Of A Successful Business Analysis Process. (Part 1)

The success of a project lies behind several factors, one of which is to success in analyzing the project’s different features. Being assigned to a completely new project is both exciting and problematic at the same time, especially since the project is a completely new one. In this article, you will have a clearer view of some stages that can be applied to business analysis – one of the core courses of the 60 PDUs bundle.


This very first step could also be seen as the “preparation stage”. Once you get into a project, whether in the initial phase or the middle and the latter phase, gathering all the possible information on the project is probably the most important work at first. Thoroughly understanding a project’s background information such as its history and documents allows you to avoid any repetitions or reusing former ideas. However, do not dig too deep into the project right away, take some time in getting with the project itself and other workers to have a clear picture of the current process. Identifying the stakeholder is also an important part of the step since they are the ones to decide the priorities and making most of the requirements. 


Jumping right into defining the project’s scope and lead to some unnecessary headache for project manager. Getting an agreement on the project’s demands, establishing all the objectives help the project manager to always stay on the right track. Not only that, but it also helps during scope definition in the later phase. There are some techniques that could be applied at this time. Project managers can make use of the SWOT framework, which is carefully reviewed in our online PDU courses. to clarify the strength and weaknesses, creating business objectives SMART (specific-measurable-achievable-relevant and-bound) is also a good idea. However, the manager should convey those objectives to all stakeholders, ensuring a single vision only. 

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