Technical PDUs In Renewing Your PMP® Certification

According to the PMI Talent Triangle® where the combination of skills that employers value most is categorized and highlight, technical skills represent different topics of PMIs certificate within the project, program, and portfolio management. This article will discuss different examples of various kinds of activities that would be counted towards Technical PDUs in the PMI Talent Triangle®.

1. Agile practices 

By working or applying to an Agile project, which is driven by a shared commitment to the values, principles, and practices of the Agile methodology, one can earn PDUs in the Technical categorization, specifically Giving back PDUs. Nowadays, Agile framework is widely used and adapted by most project managers because the method has proved to be a more innovative, adaptable and responsive to rapidly changing conditions framework. Using the methods designed to produce frequent, high-quality, sustainable releases, Agile teams can conduct, test and deliver the product to stakeholders effectively. 

2. Earned value management 

Having knowledge of earned value management helps project managers to measure project performance. Earned value management is also proved to be very effective in forecasting the project, not to mention that it also provides quantitative data for project decision making. Studying this area in the 60 PDUs bundle will not only enhance your knowledge of earned value management but also help to earn more PDUs in renewing your PMP® certificate.

3. Governance 

The role of governance on a project is setting direction, making decisions and overseeing direction. To successful in set direction, a project manager needs a clear view of the strategic fit of each potential project, and a selection of which projects the organization takes on. The main difficulty that every project management may encounter in making a decision is that we cannot simply define whether our choice is good or not. Lastly, overseeing a project’s direction is about ensuring that a project is on track, meeting the needs of the organization and complying with stakeholders and their requirements. 

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