The Latest PMI–ACP® Requirements

To be in step with the industry trend, knowing about the PMI-ACP® requirements will help you plan for both PMI-ACP® certification exam prep and the process of renewal. There are certain PMI-ACP® requirements in terms of education and experience one need to possess.

Educational Background

What Educational Background you need to have to satisfy the PMI-ACP® requirements? 
In case you have a high school diploma/secondary degree/associate’s degree, you have met the very first PMI-ACP® requirements of educational qualification. Then, let's move to the 2nd criteria.


Once again with the questions: "How many hours of experience do you have working in a team in projects?" 
In case you have at least 2000 hours or about one year of experience, you then also meet the experience requirement. However, your 2000 hours of experience has to be within 5 years backwards from today’s date. Also, in case you have been in a team that used the Agile methodology for projects for about 1500 hours minimum in the last three years, then you have met the 3rd PMI-ACP® requirements.

Training on Agile Methodology

After meeting all the 3 PMI-ACP® demand, you still need to experience professional training on agile practices. PMI® says that once you want to apply for PMI-ACP® you should have under 21-hour training on agile practices.
Once you have confirmed all these 3 criteria above, you still need to fill in the PMI-ACP® application. Go through the PMI® Code of Ethics and professional conduct carefully is a must, as you would have to abide by these code of ethics the time you apply. 

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