The Ultimate PMP® Study Plan

It is clear that a study plan both allows you to see how you should spend your time and ensures that you are setting aside time to earn enough PDUs before the deadline. Since PMP® study plan could be created through a person’s experience and one’s ability plus the amount of time he/she could spend in studying varies from people to people, you cannot devise your study plan based on other’s personal experience without customizing it as your requirements. This article will provide a 3 phase-time study plane as well as each phase’s objectives and activities. 

Phase 1: Know

In this phase, the objective is to familiar yourself with the PMBOK.

• Go through the PMBOK guide or any materials that are provided by your trainers or you can watch each of our lesson carefully.
• Reading other references such as Headfirst/Rita or Andy’s.
• Also, read and understand Agile Practice Guide which integrate Agile and project management, you may not need to dig too deep into this book, however, a basic understanding is more than enough.

Phase 2: Master

The objective of this phase is to study each knowledge area in the PMBOK Guide carefully. 

• Go through each chapter/online lesson carefully with more focus. Try re-read if something seems to be vague.
• Read other preparatory book, or ideally, try to solve the problems and quizzes in those books.

Phase 3: Practice 

In the final phase, what you need to do is to develop endurance and get comfortable with the integration of knowledge areas.

• Pick some reliable and good resource of question bank, try practicing from 3 to 4 full length or 600 to 800 questions. It is crucial to practice as many questions as possible but what is more important here is the thing you learn from one test with full concentration

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