Tips On Taking The PMP® Exam

To ace such a nerve-racking exam of 200 questions in 4 hours, you need valuable strategies on exam-taking. The strategies listed below are gathered as the most effective ways to conquer multiple-choice questions. Have a look and pick the ones that suit you most.

1. Question First. Read the full question, think of the correct answer before looking at the given answer choices. This helps you not to be puzzled by the answer choices.

2. Answers First. Contradicted to the previous strategy, this technique is suitable for wordy and lengthy questions. Reading the answer choices first allows you to have a glance at noticeable keywords to look for in the question.

3. Eliminate. Two out of four given answer choices are often obviously wrong. Just cross out these answers and pay close attention to the other two answer choices to find out the difference between them. 

4. Watch out for “Absolutes”. Absolutes are words such as “always”, “all”, “never”, “none”, “only”,… which are alerts that you simply ought to be careful of because these are often found in wrong or distracting answer choices.

5. Read Through. Most candidates will go with reading through from the beginning of the question to the end of the answer choices. 

In terms of calculation questions:

1. Calculate First. Before reading the choices given, look at the questions, choose the appropriate formula and calculate your own answer.

2. Calculate Back. Work backward by reading the answer choices and try fitting the number into suitable formulas in case you are not sure about your calculation. 

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