Who Makes A Good Finance Project Manager?

A finance project often involves high risk and complex management, which requires those involved to be remarkably skilled and competent. However, it’s no easy task to have a grasp of what you need to master a financial project. This article discovers the role of a financial project manager, and what it takes to become a good financial project manager.


The success of a financial project relies significantly on the project manager’s levels of expertise and commitment to the team. Moreover, the financial industry must be carried out under continuous scrutiny as it takes care of the money of others and people in charge must appear to be publicly accountable and transparent. A finance project manager is highly valued as this role is required across most career sectors. As a finance project manager, you will:

- Have a thorough understanding of your organization or customers’ needs
- Draw up project plans, detail timescales, resources and budgets required
- Source the services and resources needed, and negotiate costs with other suppliers
- Ensure projects stay within budget and up to standard


As a Finance Project Manager, you will be snowed under high pressure and take on a great deal of responsibility everyday during the project. These roles are demanding, and you should have a look at the qualities and experience required for this position.

  1. Relevant experience. If you want to become a Finance Project Manager, your background in the financial and investment sector with financial services experience is highly valued. This is because background understanding of the industry will come in handy as your projects progress.
  2. Decision-making skills. The ability to see the bigger picture is of great importance when you make crucial decisions on investments made by others. This involves plenty of responsibilities that need clear-headed and logical decisions.
  3. People management skills. Finance Project Managers collaborate with large teams, and work closely with a few senior individuals. Competent people skills and management experience will help you step up in the game to get the best from your teams.
  4. Organizational skills. For high-level decisions, you need to direct with confidence, and apply your organizational strength into the business. Try to make a difference with your organizational skills.

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