How To Get My Receipt?

Step 1: Go to IMT-PM website:

Step 2: Log in your account.

Step 3: After clicking your user icon in the upper right corner. You will see a function list, then click on “Your orders”.

Step 4: Choose the course you want to get a receipt and click “Print”. A pop-up window will appear. 

Step 5: If you want to print your receipt, click “Print”.

If you want to save a receipt file, click “PDF” then choose “Save as PDF”.


* NOTE: If the bill does not have enough information as you need, please follow these steps to update your profile.

Step 1: Back to Homepage. Hover over your user icon in the upper right corner, and choose “Your profile”.

Step 2: Fill your information. Then, click “Update profile”. Now, the receipt will contain all the information you need.

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