How To Learn On IMT-PM?

After clicking on a course you want to learn. A learning window will open with a presentation including audio on the left and a transcript on the right.

There are "Play”; “Next chapter”; “Volume”; “Switch slides” and “Expand screen” buttons on the bottom left corner, and an information of the course (including: Name, Date Expiration, Lessons Progress and Quiz Average) on top right corner. 

You will see 4 function buttons as well: Transcript, Lesson, Quiz and Course Timetable. The details are: 
-    Transcript: Detailed description of lecture’s slide.


-  Lesson: A list of lessons you have to complete in each course. Lesson can be chosen in any order. A total duration of each lesson is shown here. The percentage of lesson progress will be updated while you are learning.

Markedly: Please make sure that you DO NOT miss any minute of the audio, otherwise learning progress DO NOT reach 100% and the system DO NOT generate a certificate of completion.

-  Quiz: A list of testes will be presented. Click on the test you want to do and press “Submit attempt” after finishing.

Markedly: Some courses may not have Quiz.

-  Course Timetable: Some information about the course to claim PDUs.


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